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Technical Notes & Tips

Upgrading Version 2 to Version 4.1

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Earlier versions of QuiltAlbum required activation, but activation is no longer possible. Users of already activated versions of QuiltAlbum 2.2, however, may still follow these upgrade instructions to convert to QuiltAlbum Version 4.1. Also, users who no longer can run Version 2.2 but who have previously exported and saved a backup file using File>Export File can still upgrade, skipping Step 1 in these upgrade instructions.


QuiltAlbum Version 4.1 and above is built with technology that is not directly compatible with previous versions of QuiltAlbum.


Of course you can go directly to Version 4.1 if you have not created any Quilt Data that you wish to carry forward to Version 4.1 - skipping the upgrade process! But otherwise.......

Accessing the new features of QuiltAlbum 4.1 requires an extra step to move your data from QuiltAlbum Version 2 over to QuiltAlbum 4.1. This extra step is necessary to convert your data into a form that can be understood by QuiltAlbum 4.1.  Again, if you have only entered a couple of quilts into your older version, you may of course just choose to re-enter the data manually into QuiltAlbum 4.0 rather than go through the upgrade process. However, please read the Important Note above.


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Form. Please include your telephone number and time zone so we can call you to talk you through the process - even if you are outside the U.S.A.


There are slightly different instructions for the Mac and for PC/Windows.

Upgrade Instructions: 
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